Providing Human and Software Solutions For Special Needs Providers Since 2005

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Providing Human and Software Solutions For Special Needs Providers Since 2005

Since 2005, CodeMetro’s sole purpose has been to support Autism Service Providers, large and small, with the best Practice Management Software, Customer Support, ABA Insurance Billing, and Administrative, and Start-Up Services possible. Our mission is to make your jobs easier and support your back office operations any way you need us to. Bottom line: we’re people people intent on developing long term relationships with our patrons based on the values of honesty, integrity, and transparency.

NPAWorks is the oldest dedicated Practice Management System on the market. Since its beginning in 2005, NPAWorks has been evolving continuously in close collaboration with our patrons all over the world. NPAWorks serves you by organizing and protecting critical information for clients, staff, and funding sources. NPAWorks brings clients and staff together with the most advanced scheduling system on the market and provides automated warnings for all scheduling changes, expirations, and deadlines. Finally, NPAWorks produces and tracks insurance claims and non-insurance invoicing to make the financial management of your operations a snap. With the introduction of our Scheduling Genie in 2017, NPAWorks is the first and only software to provide a smart scheduling solution that further streamlines operations and assists with the improvement of service provision.    Find out about our latest features below.

Are you thinking of starting your own ABA Agency? Our Administrative Services Team has everything you need to understand and expedite the start-up process. Discover how we can help in the Admin Services and Consulting sections.

Our ABA Insurance Billing Services have helped start-ups and established agencies bridge the knowledge and communication gaps between the ABA world and the bureaucracies of medical insurance providers in order to get you reimbursed quickly and maximally. Check out the many ways we can help in the Insurance Billing section.

NPAWorks ABA Practice Management Software

NPAWorks Software

Smart Scheduling is HERE!!!

The NPAWorks’ Bar-Raising, Game-Changing Scheduling Genie allows you to define custom attributes for your clients and staff and then suggests the best fit taking into consideration client and staff availability and geographic location as well. The Genie functions to automate scheduling decisions freeing up your BCBAs so they may provide more billable clinical work.

Also new is our RBT Supervision Tracker that automates supervision tracking within the NPAWorks’ schedule. Track supervision hours and types of appointments in line with BACB requirements.

Our Scheduling Matrix allows for better management of day to day scheduling changes. It’s Payroll Snapshot will prevent you from incurring unnecessary overtime expenses.

NPAForms is a new feature that allows you to store YOUR blank templates in NPAWorks. Easily edit, save, and share them. Let us show you how NPAWorks will: Free-Up Time. Save Money, and Get You Your Nights and Weekends Back!

Insurance Billing

From start-up to finish, our ABA Insurance Billing team has you covered. We can help with contracting and credentialing to get you in a network with the providers of your choice including negotiating the best possible rates. Your dedicated Account Manager is a trained ABA billing specialist backed up by supervisors with decades of billing experience. Our program emphasizes customer service and transparency. Best of all, you can count on us to always be working hard for your money because we don’t get paid until you do.

ABA Insurance Billing Services
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Administrative Services

Springing from our CEO’s experience running one of the USA’s largest autism service providers, our range of Admin Services is intended to relieve our clients from frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming “business” tasks including: HR, staffing, screening, and placement, non-insurance billing, A/R tracking and collections. CodeMetro provides cost-effective solutions to meet your business needs. The time you regain can be focused on your program’s development and your clients’ services. Let us help you Free-Up Time. Save Money, and Get Your Nights and Weekends Back!

Consulting Services

Developing a program and providing services to the special needs community is challenging enough. Add to that the fact that human resource and funding source requirements are always changing, and it is easy to understand how managing your practice can get complicated and frustrating. Our experienced consultants can help you create and maintain the organizational structure from which sustainable policies and procedures can be administered.

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