Time Saving ABA Therapy Software

Save time and run your practice more efficiently. Streamline your scheduling needs by payer, availability, staff credentials, and how many hours a staff member has worked (and is scheduled to work).

Our scheduling validation prevents overbooking staff members and scheduling staff members that are not approved by a client’s funding source.

Reminders are customizable for your needs. Create appointment reminders for clients’ guardians, schedule changes for staff members, contract expiration for services, and much more. You can see a full list of our reminder solutions here.

Take your practice on the go. Your providers can access their own and their team’s schedules and client forms on any mobile device with a modern internet browser. No additional apps or downloads required.

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aba therapy software
aba software on the go

Scheduling Validation Warnings Unique to NPAWorks

Our therapy scheduling software catches errors before they result in lost revenue. Whether the child’s funding source does not cover a specific service or a provider is not certified to offer the selected service, NPAWorks will prevent you from scheduling the appointment – saving you a great deal of a headache.

Create customizable validation warnings to prevent scheduling of appointments when staff members are not available or not approved for the services.

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One-on-one Implementation and World Class Customer Support

Our one-on-one implementation is specifically built for your practice. We’re with you through the entire process and will answer all of your questions. Your practice is assigned it’s very own implementation specialist.

We do not limit customer support to a select few of your providers. All of your providers can contact our team via phone or email.

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Simple and easy Billing - Claims Manager

Simple and Easy Billing

Bill self-pay, insurance clients, state agencies and school districts with ease in NPAWorks.

Seamlessly bill services with different rates determined by funding sources. All you have to do is add the funding source’s rates and NPAWorks will pull in the correct amount based on service type and the client’s funding source.

Group claims by service and more, scrub claims, fix errors, and submit claims all on one page. You and your billers no longer have to jump back and forth into client files to correct information. Save time and simplify your insurance billing.

Submit insurance claims to the clearinghouse with a click of a button or generate a CMS 1500 which can be downloaded and printed in seconds. Claims are generated automatically so you don’t have to worry about entering data correctly, NPAWorks pulls in the appointment information for you.

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Integrated Human Resources and Payroll

Our human resources management saves time and reduces errors. Staff leave and paid time off can be entered so it can be accounted for accurately in payroll and automatically marked as unavailable for scheduling on the calendar. Create customizable anniversary reminders for staff members to keep them feeling welcomed and a part of the team.

Granular staff permissions ensure staff members are only accessing the clients and information they are approved to view. Easily set up and customize for your unique practice.

Payroll is a breeze. We’re integrated with some of the best payroll tools including Quickbooks and ADP.

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Integrated Human resources and Payroll
Practice Management Software Tool Box

Administrative Services

Our range of Admin Services removes frustrating, tedious, and time-consuming “business” tasks including: HR, staffing, screening and placement, non-insurance billing, and accounts receivable (A/R) tracking.

CodeMetro provides cost-effective solutions to meet your business needs. The time you regain can be focused on your program’s development and your clients’ services.

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