ABA Therapy Start-Up Help

Get Your Ducks In A Row From the Get-Go!


Start-up guidance eliminates costly and time-consuming errors that may delay initial flow of revenues critical for your business’s health. Our experience provides you with the assurance that you are establishing your new business correctly and with the most efficient timeline possible.


As a BCBA wanting to start your own agency to provide ABA services to children and families on the spectrum, your focus is on the delivery of quality interventions. However, starting an agency is also starting a business, and many BCBAs find they are lacking education and experience regarding the “business half” of the job. As a start-up, our coaches can help with professional business development and strategic planning to help you get your business off the ground, and then progress it to the next level.


Every business gets inundated with non-revenue producing work. We customize back-office services to suit your specific needs. These include but are not limited to: Recruiting and Onboarding, Intake and Authorization Management, and even scheduling with NPAWorks.


The first dedicated practice management software for ABA providers on the market, NPAWorks has had the time and exposure to develop important features no one else has including Smart Scheduling, RBT/Supervision Tracking, Automated Service Appointment Pre-validations, and Automated Warnings and Messages for upcoming deadlines and expirations. For therapists in the field or on the floor, our user friendly NPAGo collects critical appointment data, and keeps your staff focused on your clients. NPAGo can integrate with Skills for clinical data collection.

ABA Insurance Billing

For all your start-up billing needs: Contracting & Credentialing, obtaining Single Case Agreements, and Ongoing Insurance Billing. Our experienced billing experts leverage the transparency and efficiency of NPAWorks for complete, cost-effective Revenue Cycle Management.

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