ABA CPT Codes – Effective January 2019

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New Category I CPT Codes for Adaptive Behavior Services The temporary ABA CPT codes have come (mostly) to an end at long last. January 1, 2019 marks an important time for the ABA world—the new CPT codes the American Medical Association CPT Editorial Panel released this August will go into effect.   What’s Changing? The … Read More

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The area of applied behavior analysis (ABA) has exploded with growth over the last ten years and expects more progress in the future. Applied behavior analysis can be used to treat a wide range of neurological conditions and helps to provide insight on individuals and conditions as a whole. What else has shown increased development … Read More

ABA Billing Codes

ABA Therapy Billing

Applied behavior analysis is a type of therapy for those diagnosed on the autism spectrum and has developmental disorders in categories like language and social interaction. If you’ve tried looking for information on autism CPT codes and other codes related to applied behavior analysis in the past, you know it can get confusing quickly. Especially … Read More