Compliance Tracking and Validation

compliance tracking aba therapy

Stay compliant while saving time

  • Safeguards in place to prevent overscheduling beyond client authorization hours.
  • NPAWorks ensures only the correctly credentialed staff are able to see clients.
  • Validation alerts in place to prevent providers from completing appointments funding sources will not cover.
  • Provider and guardian signatures are GPS tracked so you can have peace of mind knowing your providers are where they should be.
  • Staff members are assigned permission levels based on their position so they only have access to what they need in NPAWorks.
  • Claims automatically validated to make sure they include all necessary information before you submit—preventing costly mistakes.
  • HIPAA compliant caseload so providers only see information for clients they are working with.
  • Warnings when provider’s credential will or have expired.
  • Track RBT Supervision in accordance with BACB requirements and respond to audits easily with built-in reports.