In-Depth Reporting for Your ABA Practice

aba reporting

A report for your every need

  • NPAWorks offer you the flexibility you need to report on every metric that matters for your practice.
  • Run reports on every aspect of your practice: administrative services, staff, clients, billing, payroll and more.
  • Our robust offering of financial reports that include contract fulfillment and profitability reports to ensure you can be confident in the trajectory of your practice.
  • Favorite the reports you use often to have even quicker and easier access to them.
  • All reports are can be filtered and customized to fit your parameters. You can even save report parameters for future use.
  • Reports can easily be filtered and sorted so you can find the information you are looking for quickly.
  • Reporting in NPAWorks provides the tools you need to ensure your practice is on the right track.
  • Any report can be exported to Excel for further analysis.