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The foundation to CodeMetro’s all-organic growth has been our commitment to provide the highest quality training and support in the industry. Unlimited telephone and email support are included with your subscription and are available during normal business hours, 8:30 am to 5:30 pm Pacific Time, Monday through Friday. Don’t want to speak to somebody? Our online knowledge base and library of how-to videos provide you with help no matter what time of the day it is. But don’t take our word for it, check out our testimonials page!

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We are proud to offer free, unlimited telephone and email support. For immediate assistance after hours or on weekends, please call & leave a message. Our Support team will be in contact with you shortly.

NPAWorks Support:

For More Information Please Contact Us At
Phone: (877) 796-9883 – Dial Ext. 1

Need a specific answer?


Why do some clients on the main screen show an old or expired contract when I have entered a more recent/active contract?
  • NPAWorks takes the first entered contract and adds it to the main screen. In order to see the most recent/active contract on the main screen, you will need to archive all old and expired contracts under the Client Contracts tab for each client.
When I log in, I get a message that states that "A failure has occurred which NPAWorks WAS ABLE to log but could not resolve."
  • There are two options you can use to troubleshoot this issue:
    • Option 1:
      This error indicates that when your company administrator issued you a user account, you were not assigned a security role. In order to resolve this issue, please contact your company administrator.
    • Option 2:
      Check your computer’s anti-virus. Often times your antivirus will block NPAWorks from running. If possible, lower the protection level to “low” to allow our software to run.
Why can't I see the "Run" button on the Run page?
  • As a pre-requisite for running NPAWorks through your Windows operating system, Windows must be running with .Net Framework 4.5.1 (we recommend .Net Framework 4.5.2). Newer Windows versions such as Windows 10 have the framework pre-installed but often versions of Windows Vista or Windows 7 do not. Simply download the .Net Framework 4.5.1 (recommended .Net Framework 4.5.2) from the Microsoft website and once again attempt to navigate to your company’s site. Similarly, you will also receive this error when you do not use Internet Explorer to run NPAWorks.
I typed in my company's URL address, but it does not take me to the Run page?
  • All customer links are formatted in this way: Please ensure to include the ‘https://’ while typing in the address. If you are unsure of your correct URL, please contact your company.
My computer meets all the requirements, but I still cannot run NPAWorks.
  • There are three options you can use to troubleshoot this issue:
    • Option 1:
      Reset your Internet Explorer settings. In the “Tools” drop-down menu, you will find “Internet Options.” Click on Internet Options, under the “Advanced” tab, select the “Reset” button to restore Internet Explorer’s default settings.
    • Option 2:
      In Internet Explorer, click the “Tools” drop-down menu and locate “Internet Options.” Select Internet Options, under the “Security” tab ensure that the “Internet” logo is highlighted. Uncheck the “Enable Protected Mode” box. Click Apply, then click Ok. Close Internet Explorer, then reopen it and navigate back your company’s NPAWorks website.
    • Option 3:
      Delete the 2.0 Folder. Make sure you are showing hidden folders. You can do this by following these steps: (Control Panel > Folder Options > View ‘Tab’ > select ‘Show Hidden Folders and files.) Then go to My Computer > C: Drive > Users > logged in username > AppData > Local > Apps. Simply delete the 2.0 folder and navigate back to your site to try again.
How do I run NPAWorks on my Apple Computer (Mac)?
  • Prior to installation please obtain your company’s server address and login credentials from your administrator. Once you have this information, you must install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store.

When I try to log in I get a message that states "The username/password is invalid," What should I do?
  • Contact your system administrator for the password assigned to you. If the system administrator does not know your password, they can reset it by going to the edit drop-down and click system security. Under the user accounts tab, then can locate the staff and reset their password from that screen. The system administrator can contact CodeMetro Support for assistance. CodeMetro staff does not reset passwords.
I locked my schedule, but now I need to modify an appointment before the lock date. What do I do?
  • Once a schedule is locked in NPAWorks, changes cannot be made with exceptions based on your position in the company. CodeMetro strongly advises any staff to verify all appointments before locking schedules. Please contact your supervisor if you have locked yourself out of your schedule and need to make changes.
How do I fix my red/orange appointments in my calendar and get rid of the pop-up window named, "Scheduling Problems"?
  • Each red/orange appointment will be listed in the “Scheduling Problems” pop-up window. This window will appear when you click the green check-box on the bottom right corner of your scheduling window. Keep the “Scheduling Problems” window open for reference while you edit your appointments. The Scheduling Problems window will specify each appointment by the schedule date, staff person assigned, client serviced, service provided, and the associated funding source. The description of the error will identify where the error occurred. If you are unable to fix the problem, then feel free to contact support.
I need a document to generate out of NPAWorks as an editable Word document instead of a PDF file. How can I change the file setting?
  • Click on the “Edit User Account(s)” icon to the right side of your toolbar depicting lock in front of a license. The “User Account” window will appear. On the left side of the window under “My Settings” will be two “Default report format” options. Click on the radial button next to “DOC – Windows Document Format”. Click OK to save.
What are the minimum requirements to run NPAWorks?
  • Windows PC: Operating System:
    Minimum: Microsoft Windows Vista (Service Pack 2)
    Recommended: Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) or later
  • Browser: Minimum: Internet Explorer 9
    Recommended: Internet Explorer 11 or Microsoft Edge
  • Additional Software:
    Minimum: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1
    Recommended: Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2
    Must be installed separately if running on Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8.1…
    Local system administrator privileges are required to approve installation
  • Mac/iPhone/Android 
    • Operating System:
      • Mac OSX 10.9 or later:
        Please download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the app store
      • iPhone/iPad iOS version 6.1.1 or later
      • Android version 4.4 (KitKat) or later
What are the minimum requirements to run NPAGo?
  • Any Windows PC, Mac, Android/Windows/iPad/iPhone mobile device with Internet access
  • Device Operating Systems Android version 4.4 (KitKat) or later
    iOS version 6.1.1 or later
    Windows 8 or later
  • Supported Browsers iOS Safari browser iOS version 6.1.1 or later
    Android default browser and Chrome app as of OS version 4.4 or later
  • For iOS 6.1.1 or later: Navigate to the App Store on your iPhone or iPad and search for the proper app
    Citrix Receiver app ver. 6.1.4
    Microsoft Remote Desktop app ver. 8.1.17
  • For Android 4.4 or later: Navigate to the Play Store on your Android mobile device and search for the proper app
    Citrix Receiver app ver. 3.8.1
    Microsoft Remote Desktop app ver.
After I log into NPAGo, I am unable to view my calendar and my screen is blank.
  • There are two troubleshooting procedures to resolve this issue:
    • Procedure 1: If using the Chrome app on an iPhone, this error will occur. The user must access NPAGo via the iPhone’s Safari browser app.
    • Procedure 2: Ensure that either Location Services (iPhone) or the Location option (Android) is enabled. Either of these options will also correct the inability to view GeoLocation in NPAGo when gathering Guardian Signatures.
I am unable to log into NPAGo.
  • If attempting to access the NPAGo site from a saved icon on your home screen. That icon must be removed as it is no longer operational. The user will have to manually enter the company’s website into NPAGo, Example: Saved icons usually become inoperable after an update to the program has taken place.
How do I generate a timesheet? (downloadable pdf)
Which flex report can I run in order to get a comprehensive view of appointments during a certain time frame?
  • The flex report Appointments Admin is arguably one of the most versatile report NPAWorks has to offer. This report can be used for a wide range of data collection and analysis. The report is designed to pull all available data, which is not related to billing or payroll dollar amounts and codes, from all appointments on all schedules. The user can choose to gather data from all appointments, active appointments only, or Cancellations only. In addition, the user can select all appointments, service appointments only, or non-service appointments only. Finally, there is the option to include, or exclude, terminated employee appointments.
I want to know if our company is fulfilling all of our clients' authorized service time. Which flex report can I run to see this?
  • There are several flex reports that will show whether your clients are getting all of the time with you they deserve:
  • Contract Fulfillment: This report lists all active contracts and services by client and the number of service minutes provided each month. It also lists the amount of authorized time, the frequency at which the service time should be provided, the hours scheduled, rendered, and not scheduled, as well as a number of other data to aid in determining authorized time usage. The user has the ability to include or exclude archived contracts and terminated clients.
  • Contract Fulfillment Financials: In addition to the data provided in the “Contract Fulfillment” report, this report also includes related billing information for the services hours provided and rendered.
I want to know if what I'm paying my therapists is fair for the amount I'm charging for each of our services offered. What report can I run to find that out?
  • The report Profit Analysis gives your company a bird’s eye view of your company’s losses and profit. Profit Analysis will show your company’s profit minus payroll. Profit Analysis compiles the amount paid to therapists and the amount being billed to funding sources for a specified period and shows the profit or loss for each service and appointment.
Does the NPAR Tracker work on Mac computers?
  • Unfortunately the NPAR Tracker is not compatible with the Mac Operating System at this time. We do however have an alternative solution using Kareo. For more information please call our support team at 877-796-9883 option 1.