Great Stories From Our Patrons

Our patrons are number one, that's why we continue to go the extra mile for them. We travel the nation to conduct on-site trainings, provide unlimited phone and email support. That way we ensure our customer support is nothing short of exceptional.
But you don't have to take our word for it.


Sharronda Allen. L.E.T.S. Grow Inc.

“NPAWorks provides a dynamic platform which enables businesses big or small to run efficiently. NPA is very user friendly for both direct staff and clinical administration. Whenever there is an issue or question the staff at CodeMetro have been able to respond in a timely manner as well as have the patience to walk myself and staff through resolving the problem. Thank you so much for the dedication Jimmy and team have given us!"

Nika Williams-Arbelo, Connec-To-Talk

"CodeMetro has hands down contributed to efficiency of how our private practice runs. As a speech, occupational, and behavior private practice it meets all of our scheduling, billing, and payroll needs. What I value most is their ability to customize a program that is exclusive to how we run our practice. There are things that CodeMetro can do that we still aren't aware of and we've been customers for over five years! And the staff is by far one of the most friendliest and responsive teams. It's apparent when you call that they know who you are, which is rare to find these days. I haven't found another program that rivals CodeMetro and I don't think I will because they are always working to stay ahead of the curve!"

Mia Humphreys. Behavioral Autism Therapies.

"Dax has helped our agency become more efficient with the implementation of NPAWorks. He has gone above and beyond to train our administrative and entire clinical team on how to utilize the system effectively. We especially like the Daylite feature, which enables everyone to access their schedules at their fingertips! Dax has been like an extension of our team, and has been very accommodating to our questions, even after the implementation process. Thank you, Dax, for all that you do for B.A.T.!"

Mitra Ahani. Thrive Therapy & Social Center

"Jimmy Ma has addressed all of our concerns, kept us on board and been unbelievably patient. His knowledge and customer service makes the experience totally worth it. I have tested out and rejected other software companies and aside from having a great product, Jimmy is truly the reason that NPAWorks will be our system."

Katie Madsen. Behavior Therapy Clinic

"I'm writing to let you know about our agency's extremely positive experiences with support team manager, Jimmy Ma. He's been of great assistance in person, on the phone, and via email. We appreciate the time he spends helping us. His work is impressive! It's a pleasure working with Jimmy and CodeMetro. Thank you for the wonderful service that you provide to our agency."

Sandra Cossio. Aultruism.

"NPAWorks was able to lower our monthly cost. I GREATLY value excellent customer service and [CodeMetro] has always given us that. Great customer service is hard to come by these days."

Sally M. Way-Tully. ABA Therapy Center.

"One of the most remarkable aspects of working with CodeMetro is their willingness and interest in seeing our business do well. CodeMetro has proven to be a highly efficient, user friendly, economical and professional platform. In a time when customer service has dramatically decreased as a professional requirement, CodeMetro exemplifies what a relationship between businesses should look and feel like."

Bryan Burra. Halo Behavioral Health.

"The training went very well! Sandra was an AMAZING trainer. She was flexible, understanding, and very knowledgeable...On another note, Jay Myers has been amazingly helpful getting us contracted with insurance companies. He’s super fast, friendly, and knows everything there is to know about insurance."