What's New In NPAWorks Turquoise

Release May 2018


Conveniently allow parents/guardians to access their kid’s schedule from their own devices.




  • Turquoise Our new Parent Portal Settings Page allows the patron to control the number of weeks and types of appointments parents are able to view for their client’s schedule.
  • Turquoise Updated the Parent Verification of Services report to allow a patron the ability to unselect California specific requirements from the report.
  • Turquoise In the Scheduling Genie, any staff with incomplete credentials or clearances, and inactive staff will be indicated in the results grid.
  • Turquoise Appointments for the current date or prior are now able to be sent to Skills.
  • Turquoise V2 In the Scheduling Genie, the ‘Language’ attribute list will now display in alphabetical order.
  • Turquoise V2 H1 Users can now access other areas of NPAWorks while having the Scheduling Matrix open.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Added additional backend logging to record Unhandled Exception error messages.
  • Turquoise Corrected issue in Scheduling Matrix that displayed appointments when the appointment type had been unselected from being displayed.
  • Turquoise Fixed Mileage Warning to only be displayed when a new provider is selected and there is mileage entered on the appointment.
  • Turquoise Corrected Scheduling Matrix to time out according to user’s NPAWorks time out setting.
  • Turquoise V2 Improved the Scheduling Genie performance when displaying the search results.
  • Turquoise V2 Removed invalid UE error message from being displayed on the Scheduling Matrix for users who do not have access to their own schedules.
  • Turquoise V2 Corrected invalid UE error message from being displayed when copying contracts in a client record.
  • Turquoise V2 Corrected credentials warning message to consider credential hierarchy when saving a staff record.
  • Turquoise V2 Removed invalid makeup reference date from displaying in Service Action Review when the appointment type is changed to regular time.
  • Turquoise V2 H1 Corrected back end issue that was preventing messaging jobs to send out emails on their scheduled timeline.
  • Turquoise V2 H1 Fixed how staff are entered on a client appointment to prevent invalid UEs from occurring and the subject line from having a ‘?’ displayed.
  • Turquoise V2 H1 Fixed server issue that was causing users to experiencing Unhandled Exception.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Fixed invalid UE from displaying when editing availability on a staff’s schedule.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Fixed NPAForms browser issue that was preventing forms from opening properly.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Fixed NPAForms issue to not allow an original form to be deleted when an edited version of the form is deleted.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Corrected NPAForms issue to save a form only to the chosen entity when a client and staff member has the same ID.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Corrected NPAForms issue when the user has it displayed in two windows.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Fixed NPAForms overwriting issue to keep an original form as is when it is edited and saved with a new name.
  • Turquoise Our new Parent Portal feature allows parents to access their client’s schedule from their own device and verify service appointments by entering their signature, actual appointment time, and comments.
  • Turquoise Users will now have the ability to access NPAForms from an iPhone while a pop-blocker is enabled.
  • Turquoise V2 The service name will now be displayed in the Guardian Verification area along with the guardian’s signature, appointment date, time and comments.
  • Turquoise V2 Fixed bug to ensure the ‘Sign’ button reappears when the therapist signature is removed from an appointment.
  • Turquoise V2 Corrected error from occurring when multiple tabs are open with appointments containing logged RBT Supervision.
  • Turquoise V2 H1 Corrected issue when the user has the same appointment opened in multiple browsers or in Skills to ensure all signatures are saved.
  • Turquoise V2 H1 Fixed API issue to correct ‘Invalid date error’ message when collecting signatures and/or rendering an appointment.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Fixed NPAForms browser issue that was preventing forms from opening properly.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Corrected error message from displaying when accessing other staff member’s schedules.
  • Turquoise V2 H2 Corrected issue that had prevented staff in other offices from being displayed in order to schedule cross office appointments.
Flex Reports
  • Turquoise V2 Appointments Billing Review – added the Rendering Provider Number, Referring Provider Name, and Referring Provider Number Columns.
  • Turquoise V2 Billing Review – Add Reimbursement Amount Column.
  • Turquoise V2 Client Appointment Check – Added DOB column.
  • Turquoise V2 Deleted Appointments – This is a new report to show appointments that have been deleted and which user deleted them.
  • Turquoise V2 eBill Regional Center (cafe V) – updated to Include Id w/ Funding Source Column.
  • Turquoise V2 Staff Qualifications – added Address, Immediate Supervisor, Last Name and First Name columns.